The complete software solution for management, monitoring and analysis of your water testing regime.

DataSabre software will benefit any organisation required to carry out regular, substantial numbers of asset-based tests for safety and compliance purposes. It is mainly used within the NHS to support best-practice test regimes for legionella and pseudomonas, complying with the guidelines set out in HTM 04-01 and ACoP L8.

DataSabre allows you to replicate the location, asset and outlet infrastructure within your facility and then set up the requisite test types to be performed at each test point. The tests can then be scheduled and assigned to employees or contractors using a simple calendar 'drag-and-drop'.

DataSabre enables recording and collation of all your test results, with out-of-tolerance returns instantly flagged with a "traffic light" system according to parameters you can set against each test type. The system then provides full management and tracking of follow-up tests and other remedial actions with automatic alerts when critical tasks fall near-due.

DataSabre's reporting suite gives managers an accurate overview of test activity over any time period, for the entire building or down to a single individual outlet. The reports provide detailed analysis on recurring problem areas and an evidence base with which to effect long-term solutions.

Whether you carry out microbial water testing in-house or use contractors, demonstrable management and control of results data is an important compliance requirement. DataSabre provides a secure, auditable but easy-to-use management system for everyone involved in water safety.

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